Push-rod inspection systems

The GEJOS – push-rod camera inspection systems, which offer different control units, features and purposes, are basically divided into two areas:

The inspection systems with axial head cameras are used, for example, to inspect kitchen lines, toilet lines or to monitor renovation work. The camera heads are “fixed” and only look straight ahead. Due to the sleek design and the flexible sliding eel, however, they can easily be pushed around bends and curves.

The inspection systems with pan-and-tilt head cameras are used, for example, to inspect house connection pipelines. The camera heads contain the motorized functions “rotate” and “pan” and offer a variety of “sensory capabilities” (such as the patented real-time laser nominal diameter measurement).

Pan-and-tilt head inspection systems can be used in complex and branched pipeline systems: In addition to the ability to negotiate bends, what is particularly important here is the ability to bend itself (using the associated bending rods).

GEJOS offers the appropriate inspection systems within both areas – tailored to your area of ​​application!